Idea Fm: The Journey

Seeing as how I haven’t really kept anyone updated on the progress of my DIY Project, I feel as if one is in order. So here it goes. As the year comes to a abrupt end, I realize how much progress I’ve made on my project and how much more progress I could have achieved. Now I managed to achieve a relatively respectable amount of progress in that I was able to complete four of the six songs I was originally going to come out with. (Quite possibly five if I can work some more of it out) But I’m writing about this now, not to tell you how far I made it, but to tell you about the experience as a whole. This whole year has been a crazy year for me as I’m sure it has been for a lot of my other classmates and I know that it’ll only get crazier next year. Working on my project this year, writing songs about the experiences and things I’ve learned this year have really taught me how to value everything I have, even if it might not seem so big at the time. Everything relates to a bigger picture and writing has really helped me to realize that. Every little experience of high school, whether bad or good has contributed to my year as a whole and made me who I am to this day. I’ve learned lessons, reached new highs that I thought I would’ve never been able to reach, met new friends, and established new relationships. And as I put the rhymes down on the paper, I think about how I wouldn’t want to change any of it and wish that I could do it all again. I’m going to miss everything and by writing about it, I was really able to appreciate things along the way.

Until next time,


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