So What Do You Say…Prom?

With the school year coming to a gradual close,  there are still plenty of thoughts flying through all of the students’ minds.  Relieved Seniors are packing their bags, saying their goodbyes, and are moving on to bigger and better things in college.  Stressed Juniors are still coping with the fact that they will be the big fish in the pond and that they too are soon leaving high school.  The underclassmen are moving forward and have started to think of what they want to do in life, as they work in school in addition to balancing their social life.  But most importantly, PROM IS COMING UP.

All of the upperclassmen are frantically finding prom dates, swerving to several malls and buying their dresses and suits.  Wait where are our corsages???  ARE WE GETTING A LIMO OR ARE WE CARPOOLING?  WHAT ARE WE EATING?  WHY NOT DRIVE-THRU?  Pictures?  I totally forgot about those oh crap!

Spectacular Now

These Seniors and Juniors are simply striving for that perfect night.  Seniors view it as their last opportunity to make an impact and leave a footprint at high school as Juniors see Prom as the night of initiation into becoming the top dogs.  As all of my other friends are planning the “perfect” agenda for May 31st, I’m putting my chair in recline.  It’s not that I’m lazy, but it’s just that whatever happens during Prom, I know that I’ll have a great night no matter what because I’m surrounded by the friends that I love.   I’m not looking for the perfect night with everything to be in order and right.  I’m simply searching for the memories.  Just absorb everything and enjoy the experiences.  You won’t get these again.


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