Whoa… He Touched the Blog!

As blogs are coming to a close this year, I begin to reflect on how this has made such a major impact in my high school career and how I was able to integrate technology into education.  It truly has been a great experience and whether I am able to continue this blog with my colleagues next year or not, there will always be a special place for blogging in my heart now because of this project.

I started this project in the 10th grad, and since then I haven’t looked back.  Blogging has helped me build my personal stance on ideas that I usually would not put my opinion on since it give me the free personal space that I always needed in life.  Writing to all of you readers is literally like an open, modern journal where I can vent what I need to vent and express my feelings where they need to be expressed.  Blogging increased my writing and rhetorical skills while I also talked about the things that I wanted to.  This degree of independence really shaped me into a writer who has a voice all thanks to my teachers.


Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault really pushed us to the limit with the blog posts while also adding the fact the we should just go with the flow and relax as Crush from Nemo would say.  Grading these posts vigorously and critiquing them would take away from the fact that you can’t really grade opinions and our feelings, which I truly appreciate from Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault.  It was as if Ziebarth and Theriault both fused into one as an old turtle named Crush and sent all of their students named Squirt, out to the sea to freestyle and do our thing out in the open world.


Thank you everyone for reading and for all of the feedback, but don’t forget to just move forward with all of your lives.  We hope we have inspired you all.  But above all else: Just.  Keep. Swimming.


– Nick



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