About Us

Just five and a half awkward teenagers who joined forces to run a blog.

Zara- Before you read this, you should probably know that I am the coolest and awesomest author on this blog and everyone else is lame. Just kidding. They can be cool and awesome too. Well, I’m Zara. You probably think I’m just an average high school student. Nope. Truth is I’m a wizard ninja. I travel to Hogwarts everyday and night to get educated in witchcraft and wizardry . My ninja-ness kicks in when I have to be present at my muggle classes. Anyways, I also consider myself slightly sporty. Saying I like basketball would be an understatement. In all honesty, if basketball didn’t exist, I’m not sure how I would’ve lived. (Yeah, go Lakers!) If I write any more about myself it would probably be an essay, so now go and read about the other authors.

Karen- Hey there, I’m just a typical awkward teenage girl, trying to learn how to get through life in one piece. I care a lot for my friends and family, as well as the planet we live on. I suppose I’m what you may call a “tree-hugger”. Don’t litter around me, or face my fury. I don’t believe in happily ever after, nor am I able to always see the bright side in situations. However, I do believe that if there isn’t a little bit of storming, you cannot truly appreciate the sun when it’s finally shining.

Kim- I’m just one crazy gal who tries to focus on the bright side of life. I am passionate about helping people and making a difference. My hobbies include: doing community service, spending time with friends and family, going camping, sleeping, and eating. I believe that the best person you can be is yourself and that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Lina- When you first meet me, I may come of as a shy and quiet girl. However, once you get to know me well, you’ll see that I’m extremely awkward and weird. I’m happiest when I am surrounded by my closest friends and family, I love to read, and I always try to always keep a smile on my face. Remember that positivity can help you find true happiness, because when you smile, there is nothing that you can’t overcome!

Nick – Standing at a whopping 6’7″, Nick Nguyen was born into this world as an angel.  The whereabouts of his birthplace are unknown and is still a mystery to this day.  Besides going to school, being in ASB, and hanging out with his friends, Nick literally does nothing else and sometimes tapes his thumbs to his hands and pretends he’s a dinosaur.  He’s proud of being a Baron and being able to serve the school.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Can you guys do me a favor and take a screen shot of your latest lifetime analytics. I’m doing a presentation and I want to analyze where you are now. Maybe even a second one of your referers or SM links analytics. Thanks. Send it to my email account. I’ll take care of you.

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