Whoa… He Touched the Blog!

As blogs are coming to a close this year, I begin to reflect on how this has made such a major impact in my high school career and how I was able to integrate technology into education.  It truly has been a great experience and whether I am able to continue this blog with my colleagues next year or not, there will always be a special place for blogging in my heart now because of this project.

I started this project in the 10th grad, and since then I haven’t looked back.  Blogging has helped me build my personal stance on ideas that I usually would not put my opinion on since it give me the free personal space that I always needed in life.  Writing to all of you readers is literally like an open, modern journal where I can vent what I need to vent and express my feelings where they need to be expressed.  Blogging increased my writing and rhetorical skills while I also talked about the things that I wanted to.  This degree of independence really shaped me into a writer who has a voice all thanks to my teachers.


Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault really pushed us to the limit with the blog posts while also adding the fact the we should just go with the flow and relax as Crush from Nemo would say.  Grading these posts vigorously and critiquing them would take away from the fact that you can’t really grade opinions and our feelings, which I truly appreciate from Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault.  It was as if Ziebarth and Theriault both fused into one as an old turtle named Crush and sent all of their students named Squirt, out to the sea to freestyle and do our thing out in the open world.


Thank you everyone for reading and for all of the feedback, but don’t forget to just move forward with all of your lives.  We hope we have inspired you all.  But above all else: Just.  Keep. Swimming.


– Nick



Before I Graduate: The End

This DIY project has come a long way hasn’t it?  What first was created by an idea, eventually sprouted and became something bigger than it was originally planned to be, also known as my Before I Graduate.  Initially, I thought of a couple of things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket of high school and graduated.  I dreamed of those ideas, never realizing that I would eventually form these ideas into actual events.  The items on my list that I were able to accomplish were to play Hide and Seek at IKEA,  crash a wedding with a friend, host an assembly or an event, and go to a restaurant in hopes of receiving a free meal by pretending to get stood up.  Yes, all of those things happened and are true!  Pics or it didn’t happen?  I’m glad you asked!!!

Hide and Seek at IKEA was the most fun probably because I was able to spend time with some of my friends and to roam around IKEA as if it were our own playground.  Illegal? Yes.  Fun?  YES.  Funny story to this, we actually met another group of kids our age who were doing the exact same thing!  Their group had around 20 and we had 13, so we decided to combine forces and play one big round.  Except, a Swedish manager (I swear she was) came up to us and told us to stop or we wold get kicked out.  We left.

ikea 2




I crashed a wedding with a friend of mine, which was surprisingly easy.  I simply called my local church, asked for the dates of the next few weddings and the times, and boom.  With easy access to information like that, you’re basically asking to get your wedding crashed.  Okay it wasn’t a Kim-ye caliber wedding, but it was still awesome sitting with people I did not know and and ended up being invited to the reception later that night.





I’ve always wanted to host an event at a school function.  So when I was presented an opportunity to host our male pageant, Mr. Baron, with my best friend Matt, I took the offer in a heartbeat.  It was fun as I got some public speaking experience, script experience, as well as a bunch of laughs from the audience.



Lastly, my attempts in receiving a free meal by pretending to get stood up was most likely the most popular and received the best feedback.  I went to our local Island’s and ordered for a table of two.  I waited for about half an hour and acted sad and very distressed.  After multiple melancholy conversations with the teenager waiter, Johnny,realized that I was rejected and was stood up.  He sat down and gave me pointers in life and tried to comfort me.  Although I did not receive a free meal, Johnny gave me a free basket of fries and a long-lasting friendship.

IMG_7320 (1)


This DIY project was truly wonderful.  I was able to jump out of my comfort zone and try many new things.  From this project I was able to become more adventurous, daring, and spontaneous.  I wish to continue my efforts of doing the top things that I want to do Before I Graduate since I did not finish many tasks this year (street perform, create care packages for the homeless, Before I Graduate chalkboard wall @school).  It was a great year, and I know that this is just the start for Before I Graduate!


– Nick



Nothing Is Stopping You

In everyone’s mind while reading it, they must have been thinking, “Dang, what can STOP this thing?”  No, I’m not talking about stories about Superman, or Batman, or any other superhero of some sort.  I’m actually talking about a turtle.  This turtle, from John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, can be seen venturing through the scorching environment as blinding dust hits the small reptile and multiple fire ants enter its shell.  But still, it moves on.  The tough turtle will NOT stop under any circumstances and will climb over all of its barriers to get where it wants to go.


We as individuals cannot let anything break us down and tatter us to pieces.  We must be strong and to fight through any circumstance or conflict, simply because we can.  We cannot be intimidated or scared of the future, as that will only make us weaker.  Instead turn this fear into fuel of motivation and power because nothing is stopping you.


As the preacher Jim Casy in the story said, these turtles “work at it and work at it…”  Emulating a work ethic like that can only be beneficial as you truly have to work with dedication and passion.  You just have to keep on swimming and to work diligently.  Love what you do, and do what you love because when the going gets tough, it’s time for YOU to get going and to own it.


Like what Lupita Nyong’o’ recently said over the weekend after receiving the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress, “Wherever your dreams are, they are valid.”  So what are you doing?  You’ve got no time to waste!  Go out there and kick butt because you know more than anyone else that you can do it.  Be that work horse.  Actually, be that work turtle.

– Nick

IKEA Hide and Seek

Well we went to go play Hide and Seek at IKEA and it was awesome!  Kris P. Kevin Khoi, Sy, Keith, Kevin, Matt, Monica, and Steven came along and it actually went really well.  We decided to play Sardines instead, which is Hide and Seek reversed where everyone has to find one person, and if they find that one person, they actually hide with them until there is one person looking for everyone else.  We decided to do this in pairs, as my partner was Monica!  We played 3 rounds and hiding around the place was a cool experience.  Along the way, these two creepy guys saw what we were doing and they decided to join us.  No harm, no foul right?  WRONG.  One of them asked for our numbers and we all refused, but Sy decided to give his number to them.  Don’t worry none of us got kidnapped or anything.Nathan and Pj(Pic. of Nathan and PJ)

But anyway, we played a couple more rounds and we actually stumbled upon another group who was also playing Sardines!  Their group had about 15 people and we were going to play with them!  But all of a sudden, a manager or some sort of worker came out and told us that we need to stop playing because IKEA “is not a playground” and that if she found out we were playing again, we would “have a serious problem.”  So we left.  But playing was such an awesome experience!


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IdeaFM Progress 4

I created a Facebook page for my hide and seek at IKEA and so far it’s getting good feedback.  I set the date to be on January 26th in the afternoon so hopefully it will be successful!  I also put 102.7 KIIS FM’s number on my speed dial as well as a radio clock so I could listen at home when I have the chance.  I know it’ll be hard, but why not try?  Instead of visiting a friend in Washington I have decided to instead find a homeless civilian, preferably at Mile Square Park, and give them a care package.  A blanket, a nice warm meal, socks, a pair of shoes, a beanie/hat, and some smaller snacks like cheez-its.  It’s a good cause and I want that to be really successful.  I’ve also notified my mom that I want to throw my dad a surprise party.  His birthday is February 10th, and the party would be on the 15th of February, a Saturday.  Things are looking up!


IdeaFM progress 3

So far, I’m still planning everything out and real soon I will execute them.  I recently called the Holy Spirit Catholic Church to see when the next few weddings are.  On January 25th, there’s going to be a smaller wedding at 2 o’clock.  I’m not too sure about that because I want a bigger wedding to hide my identity.  As a result, there are actually two different weddings on February 15th at 12:30 PM as well as 2 PM.  I want to go to the procession just to find out where the reception is, and party hard that night wooo.  And eat food.  I’ve been to the gym to try and shoot 50 free throws in a row and boy is it tiring.  I  might have to decrease that to 30 but that’s fine by me.  I’m going to pitch the Flash mob idea for Pack the Gym tomorrow in class and hopefully I’ll get good feedback.  I actually had a spontaneous adventure with good friends of mine as we went to Heisler beach and explored the night.  So far so good!

– Nick


Before I Graduate: Progress 2

So far, I’m going to be real, I haven’t really accomplished any of my ten goals.  Time is probably the biggest issue.  In addition, some of these goals HAVE to be on a certain date (birthday surprise, flash mob, wedding crash, etc.).   So the only thing I can really do is plan EVERYTHING so that I have everything ready to go when I do these goals.  The things that I could do at any time is to run Mile Square Park, give a homeless man a makeover, and make my whole family food.  But, so far my research is going along well.  When I’m in LA to street perform, after I could go visit a haunted place.  There are many haunted/abandoned sites in Los Angeles that I could easily visit.  I’m planning to go with my sister, an adult, and multiple friends to make the experience merrier.  I’ll talk to Dance team as well as the ASB committee members tomorrow for the Pack the Gym Dance to coordinate a flash mob dance to promote that.  Also, I have recently gotten back in touch with an old friend who moved to Yakima, Washington.  He’s not having the best time there and he’s extremely home-sick.  I was thinking of visiting him during winter break.  I know it’s a reach and it’s extremely difficult, but it would be so amazing and such a surprise to him.  I changed my goal from “try to meet a celebrity” to this goal because I feel like this goal is a lot more meaningful to me.  If I can’t visit him, I’ll send him a surprise care-package!  I also need to go to the church office at Holy Spirit Catholic Church to see when there are any close weddings.  I don’t plan on attending the mass.  I actually should though if I want to fit in.  I plan on going to the reception/dinner to crash with my friend, Sy.  If anything, being a teen/child will make us fit in even more because we can just say “Oh my mom’s here.”