The Little Kid in You

It sucks growing up doesn’t it?  Being an adult, you suddenly have all of these responsibilities to carry out.  Whatever happened to nap times, the play-doh-infested cubbies, the lunchbox trading tables, music class every week, and essentially the state of being worry-free?   In the process of maturation, many adults forget about their old pastimes as they trash all of their figurines and toys in exchange for a job with a salary.



Why is that?  It’s not like they get their memory wiped out MIB style or because they’re forced to forget everything they once loved, but it’s because that’s what society requires them to do.  The word nostalgia originates from the very idea that something, like childhood, is a past that we have not seen or experienced in such a long time that it gives a sense of pleasure and sentiment.  Why not appreciate and fuse our childhood into the way we live everyday?  Now, I don’t advocate for adults to be immature and to try and live like a kid once more, but what I do believe is that people shouldn’t forget of what it was like being young and to live life with a dose of playfulness and optimism.


 Through all of the hardships and toils the Joad family face in The Grapes of Wrath, the youngest members of the caravan family, Ruthie and Winfield, manage to stay positive and to look at the bright aspects of moving from Oklahoma all the way to California.  Never once, do we see the little Joads complain or mope, but instead they dream and hope for a better life in the new, foreign land.  The kids have yet to experience many things in life, but they accept changes with open arms and just go with the flow.


Never forget the little kid that you used to be.  Never forget the dreams that you once had and don’t take everything too seriously and enjoy the moments you have as if you were young again.




– Nick