DIY: Almost at the end

With only two weeks before this project is due, my group and I have been working hard on our documentary. We completed two more filming days at Downtown Disney before concluding our period of filming. I was really proud of Brandon, because he conducted an interview on the last day of filming. Even though it was his first and his only interview of the project, I’m happy he got the chance to do it and gain a new experience.

In total, we must have approached about 100 people and asked to interview them. The interviewing process has taken up so much time, and so much effort. We received numerous rejections, but after several months of filming, we finally accumulated 20-30 good interviews. Now it is time to edit.

photo 2 (1)

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been spending time before school, during lunch, and after school editing the interviews. It’s taking a long time because there is a lot of footage to sort through. I also need to try and correct the audio because while we were filming, there was often a lot of background noises and music, which somewhat drowned out the interviews. It is long, tedious work, but I’m moving along.

photo 1

Last week, Jessie and I also finished writing the voice-over that we plan to use at the beginning of the video. On Friday, I recorded Brandon reading the voice-over. This weekend, we are planning to record Brandon playing piano to use as the background music for our video. We’re running out of time, and my group is a bit frantic at this point, trying to finish up as best we can. However, I’m proud that our project is actually making progress and starting to form, even if it is a bit chaotic at the moment.

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– Karen

DIY: Society has its problems

On December 26th, two other members from my project group and I grabbed a camera and a mic and went to Downtown Disney to film more interviews. The last time we had a filming day, it was at Mile Square Park and we ended up getting more rejections than interviews. Because of this, we decided to go to Downtown Disney where people were probably going to be more happy and agreeable.



We stayed at Downtown Disney for four hours, and it turned out to be a really successful filming day. We got a total of 11 interviews, all of which contained different answers. We had to adjust our question a bit though, because at first we asked “What is a problem with society that you are facing in your life?” However, this question were deemed too personal by most of the people we asked, so we changed it to “What is a problem you see with society today?”, and people seemed more willing to answer us after that. Some of the answers we got included child obesity, public sanitation, and children’s lack of respect for elders. One of the girls we interviewed even had a personal story about how her friend had to deal with peer pressure.

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I think this filming day was a lot of fun, great progress for our project, as well as a learning experience for each of us as individuals. All three of us learned to improvise and adjust to the difficult situation of people refusing to answer our question, I was able to gain more filming experience which I will be able to use outside of this project in my video production class, and my partners were able to improve their social skills by interviewing. Not only that, it was a good day to spend at Downtown Disney!

– Karen