Your Journey Will Be Worth It


Life is like a journey. You have to work towards your dreams and aspirations. You have to persevere, no matter who tough it gets. There will be bumps along the way, but once you reach what you that goal, all your hard work pays off because quite frankly, you have made it. You have completed yet another journey in your life.

I think that is what kept Tom Joad, from The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, going. After being released on parole from prison, Tom embarks on this journey to find his way home. It’s a tough and long voyage- filled with hitch- hiking and strange conversations with a pastor he used to know- but nothing stops him as he strives to get home to his family. Things don’t go according to plan when he finally arrives home, to find his house empty and broken down. A familiar local tells Tom and the pastor, Jim Casey, about how his family had moved to his Uncle John’s house- which was eight miles away- because they had been chased off their land by money hungry banks. Now if you think that another eight miles will stop Tom from reuniting with his parents, than you are dead wrong. He spends the next day continuing his journey home until he finally saw the “house, a square box, unpainted and bare, and the barn, low-roofed, and huddled” from afar. The looks on his parents faces was the moment his hard work to get home paid off, I’m sure.

As I read through the chapters of Tom’s expedition and reunion, I couldn’t help but think about Finding Nemo and how the moment that Nemo’s father found him was probably a lot like Tom’s reunion with his family: emotional and filled with joy. It didn’t matter that he had to encounter sharks, or that he almost died in the process the only thing that matters was the Nemo was back in his arms. Of course this example may be a bit cheesy, but think about it.

How many times in your life has your end result justified what you had to go through? My guess would be many times. Giving up may seem like such a good option at times, but trust me, if you keep trying and work through your battles, you will make it and your journey will be worth it.

You don’t even have to be working towards something, but merely working to survive and make it through. Living another day is an accomplishment to me. I guarantee you that your journey will be worth it because you are worth it.



Finding Nemo: Discovering Yourself in a Sea of Confusion

Surprising that no one has talked about Finding Nemo in this nautical-themed blog right?  I’ve decided to take on this topic because Finding Nemo is so similar to the topics we are learning about not only in AP English 3, but in school.  As progressing teenagers, we long for freedom and independence as we strive to identify who we are as individuals.  Our DIY (Do It Yourself) project grants us the permission to do so as we’re basically allowed to create something of our own choice.  We students are given the opportunity to show who we really are and what we are strong or weak in.

In turn, Finding Nemo is about an over-protective parent, Marlin, in search of his handicapped son, Nemo.  Along the process, Marlin discovers a lot about himself as well his colleague, Dory, as they progress in the adventures of the search for the already maturing Nemo.  Is it safe to say that we are the Nemos of high school?  And that some of us are still lost in a “sea” of confusion?  Come on down this adventure with me as we really find ourselves.

One LARGE recurring theme in Finding Nemo and in high school is that everything is NOT as it seems.  High school is what you make of it and totally depends on whether you want to make it a good experience or not.  As intimidating as it may seem, high school is as free-flowing as the East Australian Current and actually goes by extremely fast.  In Finding Nemo, Marlin encounters three large sharks who he stereo-typically categorizes into fish-eating behemoths.  As a result, Marlin’s experience with these three fish-loving sharks was deterred due to his pre-determined ideas.  In school, you must always, and I mean always, keep an open mind.  Staying open-minded stimulates your potential to be the greatest you can be academically as well as socially with the classmates surrounding you.  “Classmates are FRIENDS, not FOOD.”Finding Nemo

Sometimes we, as humans, want an exact answer.  Our hunger for information drives us to try and find a definite answer.  See that might be correct when learning Biology or Algebra.  But in English?  Fish PLEASE.  There is no direct answer in English and it is completely opened up to interpretation.  There is no direct answer to our DIY project but every student’s project is right in its own creative way.  Consequently, what we may think is the right answer, may not always be what it seems. ES-CAH-PAY.


Lastly, if you are ever lost or feel that you are going in the wrong direction, just know that there is always someone who is willing to be there for you. You’ll have a Dory.

P. Sherman

  Light will come even in the worst of times and the darkest of times.  There will always be hurdles to jump and ends to meet.  It’s all on you to be responsible.  The DIY project gives lots of freedom, but make sure to spend your time wisely.  Be patient, be kind, and be loving.  It’ll all come back to you.  Just Keep Swimming.


Just keep swimming