Whoa… He Touched the Blog!

As blogs are coming to a close this year, I begin to reflect on how this has made such a major impact in my high school career and how I was able to integrate technology into education.  It truly has been a great experience and whether I am able to continue this blog with my colleagues next year or not, there will always be a special place for blogging in my heart now because of this project.

I started this project in the 10th grad, and since then I haven’t looked back.  Blogging has helped me build my personal stance on ideas that I usually would not put my opinion on since it give me the free personal space that I always needed in life.  Writing to all of you readers is literally like an open, modern journal where I can vent what I need to vent and express my feelings where they need to be expressed.  Blogging increased my writing and rhetorical skills while I also talked about the things that I wanted to.  This degree of independence really shaped me into a writer who has a voice all thanks to my teachers.


Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault really pushed us to the limit with the blog posts while also adding the fact the we should just go with the flow and relax as Crush from Nemo would say.  Grading these posts vigorously and critiquing them would take away from the fact that you can’t really grade opinions and our feelings, which I truly appreciate from Mr. Ziebarth and Mr. Theriault.  It was as if Ziebarth and Theriault both fused into one as an old turtle named Crush and sent all of their students named Squirt, out to the sea to freestyle and do our thing out in the open world.


Thank you everyone for reading and for all of the feedback, but don’t forget to just move forward with all of your lives.  We hope we have inspired you all.  But above all else: Just.  Keep. Swimming.


– Nick



Thank YOU!

Hello world! We, the team of Just Keep Swimming, just want to to make a quick post to thank each and everyone of you! You continual support and “likes” encourage us to keep writing and sharing our thoughts and feelings with you; we appreciate you all so much! So thank you to those who have read one line to those who have read each blog post, we wouldn’t be here without y’all!

-Just Keep Swimming Team

Welcome to the Sea!

If you haven’t noticed yet, let me just point it out: two new members have joined out Just Keep Swimming Squad!

Our new members, Nick and Matt, are great and enthusiastic writers! Keep a look out for more posts and great ones too! Check out the “About Us” to know more about the authors 🙂
Remember to be positive and just keep swimming!

The Best Assignment I Have Ever Received


You may or may not be aware of this, but this entire blog started as an assignment in Mr. Theriault’s English class. “Just Keep Swimming” was created just a few months ago, and I am in utter shock at how incredibly it turned out.

Zara, Kim, Lina and I never expected our blog to receive as much attention as it did. However, today, we all got up on a stage to receive an award for “Best Blog” from our teacher, in front of all our classmates/fellow bloggers. Some may not consider it a big deal at all. Sure, you could just look at it as a piece of paper handed to us by our English teacher to make us feel somewhat more important than we actually are. You could think of it as a feeble recognition by our classmates, who possibly could not care less about our blog. But I am part of the always positive, inspiring, and uplifting team, “Just Keep Swimming”. Therefore, I refuse to view it as anything less than a meaningful and encouraging event.


I know my brilliant blog members could not agree with me more. Hearing Mr. Theriault announce our blog, it made me think back to all that we’ve been through together as friends, teammates, and family. It may seem like just a blog, but to us, it is so much more. To me, this blog is one of the most incredible things that have ever happened, because I got to work with three of the most fantastic girls ever.

Zara – She is just an awesome blogger. Mr. Theriault reblogged not one, but TWO of her posts. That’s huge. I admire her so much, for being able to put herself out there and impact people’s lives with her writing, people she has never even met before. I can only hope that I will be able to accomplish that someday. I will forever be proud to say that I was part of this blog with her.

Lina – She is basically the sweetest, cutest, nicest girl I have ever met. She is an amazing friend to have. I knew her from last year, but this blog has brought us closer, and I could not be more thankful. This experience just would not have been the same without her. The essence of our blog, the positivity, kindness, and hope that we try to promote in everything we post, can all be found in Lina.

Kim – This girl is utterly fabulous. But of course, everyone already knows that. She is kind, smart, thoughtful, hardworking, sassy, simply a compression of every good trait in the world. Even more than that, she pours her heart and soul into our blog; nothing could be more obvious than that. I never would have known her the way I do without this blog, probably never would have known her at all. This blog introduced me to a spectacular human being named Kim, and I am impossibly grateful for that.

This English class assignment has turned into so much more than I ever could have imagined. Not only did I get the chance to work with three terrific girls, I have learned so much throughout this time, from Lina, Kim, and Zara, as well as Mr. Theriault and the other student blogs. In addition, I’ve learned quite a lot from our readers, all the people who comment and like our posts. I cannot fully express my gratitude to each and every person, because they are the reason that our blog did not fail miserably.

Now, at the end of the school year and this blogging assignment, I just have a few things I need to say. Thank you Mr. Theriault, for assigning the best assignment I’ve ever received. Thank you Zara, Lina and Kim, for being entirely too amazing. Thank you to those who have viewed our blog, it really means to the world to us, the “Just Keep Swimming” team.

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– Karen