Why do bad things happen to the good people?

I’m pretty sure that everyone has asked this question at least once in their lives, because I know that I have many times. Sometimes, it just seems to me as if the people who deserve the best only receive the worst. This is one of those questions that no one really knows how to answer. We could always try to find an answer to this question, but there really isn’t a right one. When I was younger, I used to believe in karma, and I thought that if I was generous, caring, and kind to others, then I would be treated the same. Now that I think about it though, you shouldn’t be doing something nice just so that you can get something in return. You should do it because it makes you happy knowing that you were able to help someone.


In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, the main character, Edmond Dantès, was portrayed as an honest and loyal man who was envied my many. He started the book as a soon-to-be captain of a ship and a soon-to-be husband of his fiancé. Edmond was probably the happiest man on earth, but on the day of his wedding, he was arrested and sent to prison. However, we later found out that he was only arrested because he was trying to carry out a request of his former captain who died on the ship. This further showed how loyal and trustworthy Edmond was. Even after he confessed to what he did though, he wasn’t released. Instead, he was sent to one of the worst prisons that ever existed. It makes me wonder, “What did he ever do to deserve everything that he went through? Reading through the first few chapters of this book reminded me of how everything could change so quickly and how greatly it can affect a person’s life.

Maybe something happened to you that drastically impacted your life. It might make you just want to give up and not care anymore, but you should always keep your head up! Its like that Japanese proverb that says “Fall seven times, get up eight.” It explains how there will always be obstacles that you have to overcome, but you shouldn’t let one setback keep you from pushing forward. There’s always going to be people who are there to support you, whether it’s your family or your friends. Be happy. Don’t let the small things weigh you down. If something happens, try to move past it. Know that there is always a reason for everything that goes on in our lives. There is a reason for why we are where we are today. There is a reason for where we will be in ten years. Just remember to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?” Then, take that new knowledge and apply it to your daily life.


Perhaps bad things happen to good people because they are the ones with the strength to carry on afterwards.


Happiness is ALWAYS an Option

This is a video of an inspiring young man who faces challenges each and every day, but manages to have a positive outlook on life. If he can do it, you can too.
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