Sometimes It’s The Imperfection That Makes Something So Flawless

The other day I was at Target and I noticed this painting of the Eiffel Tower. It wasn’t very detailed and it looked like a sketch. I stood there for at least ten minutes just admiring it. There was just something about it that I loved. It got me thinking, every time we make something or do something, we try so hard to make it perfect and end up disappointed. Go for the gold, but don’t be disappointed with bronze or silver.I was once painting a picture of London and I messed up my brush stroke and I painted something by accident that I couldn’t paint over. Turns out, it gave more detail to my painting and I was really happy because I thought I ruined it. There will always be mistakes and screw ups but that’s what makes you yourself. It makes you an individual and the best thing to do with your mistakes are to make good use of them and learn from them. I found this quote and I really enjoy it.

I was actually watching the Grammys yesterday and a country singer, Hunter Hayes, sang a song called Invisible. The purpose of the song was to encourage people to be themselves and to be not be afraid of doing something new or different. It really inspired me because some people are so afraid to do something because of the mistakes they will make.

Sometimes its the imperfections that make something so flawless.



Now I’m a Warrior

A lot of the times people disregard the problems of celebrities and just believe they have a perfect life which isn’t necessarily true. All celebrities had a life before they were famous. One of my favorite celebrities is Demi Lovato. Yes, she has great songs and a decent acting life, but that’s not why I look up to her. Demi Lovato was bullied at a young age and because of that she was home schooled. After she started acting and singing, her problems didn’t really come up. After she was pressured to do many parts of her acting and signing career, she felt those words from a young age haunt her and it caused her to harm herself.

At that time in her life, I thought she was a screw up and I absolutely despised her without even looking into what her problems were. Now, being a little more wise in my judgments, I look up to her. Her music is so inspiring to many teens all over the world. They believe that if Demi could get through her problems and end up happy (She went through Rehab and took a break from her career); so could they. Not only has Demi taught me to be positive, she has taught me that i am capable of getting through any challenge that comes up to me. She taught me that I am great the way I am and that other people’s words shouldn’t affect me. Fortunately for me, my problems aren’t really anything in comparison to hers but one little thing can go a long way. Her music has inspired me and even though her music is more pop, its still great. Her albums Unbroken and Demi mostly reflect on her recovery and are great. She’s an inspiration to many people and is truly one of the greatest out there.

Demi managed to deal with her problems including bullying, family problems, self-harm, and a little bit of drugs and is successful today with a big smile on her face hoping to inspire others. That’s why she goes in the top portion in my list of the people I look up to most.
In one of my posts a lot earlier, I talked about leaving your fingerprint on this world weather it be small or big, but Demi has left a big one and I only hope that people remember her as that sort of person.

Demi-Lovato-Heart-Attack2-900-600 (1)

Just to everyone out there: Yes, people will judge. Yes, people will say mean things. Truth is that we can’t stop that. We can reduce it so that people realize the harm they’re causing. BUT, the most important thing to remember is that if other people can live in this world comfortably, then why can’t we? We have to feel comfortable with ourselves because everyone is perfect in their own way. No one will ever be this world’s definition of perfect, so we need to stop trying to be perfect for others and rather focus on being perfect in our own way. 


**Song reference in the title:**

Perfectly Imperfect


Please don’t try to be perfect. Your imperfections are beautiful. Why do people try so hard to create this impeccable image of themselves, when the image that they already reflect is amazing and unique? What is this idea of perfection that consumes the minds of society?  What really is perfection? No one truly knows how to define this word, let alone BE this word. So please, don’t try so hard to be who you aren’t. You can put so much energy, so much effort into making yourself into this perfect character, but in the end, is it really you? Your flaws, your faults, and your mistakes have molded you, made you who you are today. It sounds completely cliche and cheesy, but it’s the truth and you know it. No one wants to befriend plain, boring perfection. Quirky, weird, and awkward people who recognize and accept their flaws are the most approachable. So don’t try to erase these smudges, because imperfection is a thousand times more interesting, more beautiful, more real.

– Karen (credit for the inspiration for this post goes to Kim)