Universal Truths of English

Seven days. That’s the number of school days left until summer break. As much as I can’t wait to smell and taste that summer vacation, I will admit that I will miss my AP English class with Mr. Ziebarth. For the past 173 days in English class, I have learned an abundance of information regarding rhetoric, analysis, and the English language in general. From all my newly learned knowledge, I have made a list of main ideas that I learned this year.

1) Everything is an argument, so fight for what you believe in. 

Mr. Z probably said “Everything is an argument.” about 200 times this year, and when I first heard it, I laughed. C’mon Mr. Z, not everything is an argument. If I took out a bag of chips and ate them, that wasn’t an argument of any sort, that was simply me easing my hunger. But that’s just it. I was arguing against my hunger. I was countering it by eating. When writing papers, everything you say is an argument. If you state that the media negatively affects the body types of women, you are arguing against the media. So if everything is an argument anyway, fight for what you believe in. Write about what you thinks needs changing. The more you care about a topic and the more passionate you are about fighting for it, the better your writing is. I found that in each assignment I had to do, if I related it back to something I had strong views about or cared about, my work was better.

2) Write with no limits. 

Often in class, Mr. Z had us to zero drafts, in which we had seven minutes to write about whatever we wanted without editing. Each time we wrote one, Mr. Z had a prompt that we could follow, but we weren’t necessarily bound to it. Zero draft was a time to let your mind free. You could write whatever came to mind in that moment. You make think, what is the point of spending seven minutes free-writing? Well believe it or not, zero drafting was very liberating. Often when instructed to write, you are given a prompt that you must stick with, but with zero draft, you were free to let your thoughts out. By “killing the editor” and not fixing any mistakes, you are able to put your thoughts on paper, which is hard to do when you think about how you want to articulate it too hard. By jotting down whatever comes to mind, the writing process is much easier and gives you a chance to write how you really feel about a topic.

3) Life is a learning process. 

This last tip is more of a life lesson than anything. English class was filled with projects, discussions, and teamwork. No matter what we did, we learned from it one way or another. If we made mistakes in our essays or presentations, we learned what to do to improve. If we rocked a discussion, we learned how to do things correctly. Even Mr. Z learned with us through the year. Take everything as a lesson and learn for it. There’s always room for improvement. Learn that you will not always be right and accept it. Let other people help you when you need it, and don’t be afraid to ask. No one is perfect and knows all the answers, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Lastly, you can make any experience a good one if you have a positive attitude. Writing essays isn’t the greatest, but if you learn to make the best of it, I guarantee that writing won’t be so bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed AP English 3 with Mr. Ziebarth. Not only did I learn many useful tools for my future, but I also was able to enjoy the material rather than simply worry about my grade all year. In this class, I learned to learn and I think that’s the best type of learning. These days, many students learn to get the grade. The learn so that they can get into a good college. They don’t care about what they are actually learning, as long as they get the answers on the test right, they are happy. That’s not learning. That’s the art of getting by. I’m not looking to get by high school, I’m here to absorb knowledge and learn the material because I am interested in it.

So thank you Mr. Ziebarth, for an incredible year and thank you for teaching me that life will always go on and you will prevail, even if you don’t have thumbs.



Messages to Us! : Movies to Watch

Hey readers! So I’ve personally totally disregarded all messages that were sent to us and I am really sorry about that. I had completely forgotten we even had an ask box. Anyways, we’ve been getting positive feed back which is always a good thing, so thank you for that!

We’re always talking about how certain things relate to us in life so feel free to go to the “Ask/Submit Something” tab and ask us about certain things which we will post about. (I’ll check this time, I promise)

So It was about a month back, but someone did ask for 3 movies they could watch in summer. They had to be movies they could watch with their kids. So I feel really bad about not answering it, so I will now. I’m just gonna go ahead and recommend a bunch of movies:

I know many people don’t like watching animated films, but some of those are really great. So recently, Monsters University came out. If you’ve seen the first movie, the second one is a blast. It brought back childhood memories and hopefully if you show your kid the first one and the second one, it’ll create memories for them. You can never go wrong with Disney/Pixar animated movies.

When I think Summer, I like to watch comedic movies. Summer’s just a fun time and I feel like I’m obligated to watch them. There are many classic that you could watch that I watched when I was younger (and I can’t remember most of them so just bear with what I remember). I really liked Silver Linings Playbook. I don’t remember if it is age appropriate for younger ages but its one of the movies I really love. The Parent Trap was one of my all time favorites as a kid too. And let me see …..OH! Okay so this is an animated one and fits into the category I just did before, but I just remembered it and it’s a great movie. If you haven’t seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I pity you. It’s one of my all time favorite animations about adventure and it’s wonderful.

Two Words: Harry. Potter. Read the books, watch the movies. I could live the summer watching those movies. Those books/movies are literally my childhood. I love them and am now emotionally attached to them. It’s got a bit of action, comedy, and they’re just brilliant. The first 4 movies have more of a warm, cozy feeling to them and the the last 4 have a darker feeling but I recommend them all.

I might be listing too many movies, but all of the movies I listed aren’t the greatest of all time. They’re just movies that I remember at the moment. Also, if you’re into comedy and action. Watch the Iron Man Trilogy and The Avengers. Before you watch the Avengers though, you might want to watch the Captain America movie, and the Thor Movie. You can never go wrong with any superhero movies either! Man of Steel was a great new movie that came out recently.

Anyways, I hope I helped in some sort of way and I apologize again for the extremely late timing. 🙂


Work Hard, Play Harder

This summer has been really busy for me, from SAT classes to summer homework for school, and so it has been kind of overwhelming. However, I always make sure I have enough free time to do things I want to do, such as playing volleyball or going to the movies with friends. When I ask my classmates how their summers are going,  most respond with something along the lines of having no summer because they are so busy doing all this work. While I am proud of them for working hard, I feel a little sadden by this because it’s summer, which means it’s time to relax and unwind from the ling school year. The weather is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do, so no one should have to spend all day being cooped up inside their homes doing homework! Now I am not encourage y’all to not do your work, I just want to say that I think y’all should take time to enjoy this summer. Even if it’s only for a short time period, go outside and have fun or simply relax.


Summer is Here!

Hello folks! Summer is here, and that means it’s time to bust out the shorts and sunscreen! Summer is one of my favorite seasons (spring being my favorite) and I am so excited to get out of school, so I can fully enjoy it! From the warm sun (in Cali anyway) to the cute outfits, what’s there not to like about summer? Despite how hot it may get sometimes, I think that summer is the perfect time for you to go out and do something fun and spontaneous! I encourage you all to find something you haven’t done before and do it. Go on an adventure with friends, volunteer somewhere you would enjoy spending time at, read more, the list of things you can do is endless. To all the students out there, I hope you all take some of your free time to really enjoy yourself and have a good time (but don’t do anything too crazy now). For all those who still have to work and/or go to school throughout the summer, I hope you still find ways to enjoy yourself! Until next time, my friends!