DIY: Setting Goals

Goals Concept


After our successful filming day at Downtown Disney, my group and I realize that although we were making progress, it was not very fast progress and our project is due in March. To help us have a clearer picture of how and when we will get our project completed, we have planned out our next filming day as well as set goals for the number of interviews we are going to get.

My group is planning to split into two teams and go on two different days to get as many interviews as possible. Kim and I are to go on the 26th while Jessie, Jar-Yee and Brandon will go on the 27th. For both teams, the goal is to have 20 good, usable interviews for our film by the end of the filming day so that we would have a total of 40 interviews. Both groups will be going back to Downtown Disney, because that is where there seems to be a large number as well as diversity of people to interview. The last time we were there, the people had also seemed more willing to be interviewed than people in the park.

I do have some worries about our method of splitting up. Several things could go wrong. For example, if the camera people on both teams do not film alike, the video will be unprofessional when it is cut together. Also, if we don’t ask the same questions, all our answers won’t match up and it might end up looking very awkward. However, we plan on talking out all the details beforehand to make sure that one little mistake does not ruin our entire project.

I have a good feeling about these upcoming filming days; hopefully everything will go as we have planned.


– Karen