Forget People, Nature Is Much Better Company

I mentioned in my post, “You and I, We Both Have Personal Expectations”, that I recently went on a camping trip with my family. Yes, I did spend a lot of time worrying about school, but despite all of that, the campsite was absolutely stunning. I was at Lake Havasu, Arizona, and there are no words to describe how lovely and serene it was. There were boats that people could rent to venture farther out into the lake, but I was perfectly content to sit on the shore and watch the boats go by.  I can honestly say that with the calm waters, warm sunshine, and pleasant breeze, I never wanted to leave. After dealing with the same people and the same boring tasks everyday, nature just seemed refreshing and motivating. I definitely recommend to everyone, especially people who are stressed out, to take a little bit of time to just get away from life, immerse yourself in nature and simply breathe some fresh air for a while. Go to the beach, go kayaking, take a walk in the park. I promise that the wind blowing in your hair will make everything better. I took a few photos on my cellphone because I wanted to share the beauty that I experienced, but just keep in mind that my poor-quality images cannot even come close to depicting how incredible the scenery was.


– Karen


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